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The double version vanities eliminates the morning bathroom rush with its clever connected basins. The suspended vanity might be your best choice if you are short on space, as its wall mounted position makes it compact and versatile. Contemporary Vanities from Mariner Surrounding yourself with fabulous design and functionality is a lifestyle choice for you […]

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This amazing high-end bathroom from Burgdab can be the answer for the bathroom vanities that you desire. Diva bathroom The Diva bathroom offers a unique combination of function and luxury: there is a great dressing table, with a space for everything included in the Diva bathroom range. Diva bathroom The bathtub is enough sized, in […]

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This modern bathroom created by Althea Ceramica is characterized by minimalist cubic shapes and a great combination of white and other color elements. This design creates an interesting combination effect and also a new functionality to adjust the elements to match any desires. You can find more information about this contemporary bathroom collection at Athlea […]

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