If you are a merry person why do you not be more?

I found this wallpaper very funny and exciting for your space.

With this thing you’ll have more fun when charging gadgets and there will be not a common habit.

Now I found an interesting way to get electricity when I smile and I increase power of my gadgets.

electricity for doggy elephant-wallpaper



I mean look at this piggy, isn’t cute to put a charger in his nose? 🙂


piggy electricity


The cost of these pieces of vinyl is around 40-45$.

I’m going to take one for myself  from here .


A great place for relax and purification (or even a location to hose down the little ones), the bathroom need to be and look fantastic each day. It is one of the rooms where you can take time out and rest a little, and of course you will want to feel good in this space.

Today let’s present few methods to renovate your bathroom without spending to much.


1. Paint the tiles

Before you want to contact the tiler, you can consider a lick of paint – its repsent a great solution to extend the life of the bathroom tiles without having carrying out a signifiant overhaul. Speak for your nearby hardware shop concerning the correct paints and take some friends with you, if you want, asking them for their opinion about choosing the color.


2. Basic showers

The view space it is important, especially in smaller sized rooms.

What designers have to say about this?

  • recommending the ‘wet room’ look
  • eliminating the old-fashioned shower space
  • opting for a frameless glass partition

You need to know that a simple enhance to your bathroom can change a lot. Improve the already bathroom for a better still and make it simpler to mentain clean.


3. Hook a mirror

Organic light is among the most significant components of a gorgeous bathroom; it’s a easy way to boost the space and light the area in addition to an important approach to cut down mould and keep the area healthful.


4. Invest in a storage

Bathrooms attract dissorder, but with the correct storage options, it is possible to maintain your space more clear. Recessed shelving within the shower it is actually a neat approach to put your soaps, and other things you need but close to the hand. The bathroom vanity represent the first thing you need to consider for storage – preserve it lifted off the floor, however, to perform sure that your area remains light and airy.


5. Decorate

Bathrooms are getting treated to finishing touches which are much more generally seen in living locations. The concept will be to add softness towards the bathing zone to heighten the sense of escape. Consider floor to ceiling curtains, soft bath mats and also a chaise longue for any actually decadent twist.


Do you want a better bathroom right? with nice rain showers, vanities, faucets and so on 🙂
Well, in the first mode you need to storage them efficiently ! The truth is that isn’t about size and layout, you just need to do a better storage. Taking a bit of time to organize your bathroom now will not save just searching for items, but also will give a nice look. Keep it simple and will be better!


Let’s get started!
1.Clear The Clutter


  •  throw out soaps and shampoos you no longer use (all cosmetics in general that haven’t used in past 3-4 months)
  • Empty older products (for example I use some expired shampoos to shining up my chair. If a product expired isn’t true you can’t using him for another things than the original purpose)
  • Store just everyday cosmetics in the limelight


2. Think About What Do You Really Need To Store

In general what people use the most in bathroom is:

  • Towels
  • Spare toilet rolls
  • Grooming products for bath
  • Cosmetic products
  • Kids bath toys


3.Store Essential Items In Forward ( To View Them Fast For Sure)

If you using the same products on a regular daily basis you should store them in a better place to view them faster.

Items that are used less you can store them upper and lower of shelves and cupboards.


4.Mentain Products On Shelves

For a better storage you need to avoid over-filling shelves and mentain a clean space.


5.Keep Always The Bath Very Fresh

As well as other rooms, ventilation is an important aspect but bath needs more attention in this case.

Keeping hygienic this room by keeping always a small window open and using room sprays it is a smart thing you can do!


Irrespective of what type of bathroom you have, you need to consider few things to complete for a new look, or just some changes in edges in bath.


Attempt these straightforward steps to assist update a tired bathroom:



Refreshing the bathroom is often as uncomplicated, you need just some rubber gloves and a little bit of time to get the things done. Scum And Mould are accumulated over the time; taking the time for you to eliminate them may be the initial step to a sparkling bathroom.



Providing a new fresh paint on walls is a good strategy to shining up entire room. In adition, you can change the old tiles !


Decrease clutter

Reduce bathroom disorder by investing in some basic drawers then give the area a lift with new towels and fairly bowls. Our tumbler and bowls are produced from rubber – excellent for any kids’ bathroom.


Update a focal point

Updating one important element of the bathroom can lift its entire look. First, find out where exactly your focal point lies – can be your bath, the basin or maybe the shower. Then invest within a replacement that may take pride of location yet nonetheless operate with all the overall area.


Be water smart

In order to be a smart water user you need to install a shower-head with an AAA rating. This can will save you about 10 l. of water a minute. They are available in various designs and are made to conserve water devoid of compromising comfort.


Mixer taps offer you greater temperature handle and as a result water savings. They allow the wanted temperature to control, cutting down the volume of water wasted although waiting for it to heat up or cool down.


For smart people, using a bucket is a good thing to catch unused water now, but for use on plants maybe later.


An updated bathroom not only makes your home look beautiful, but it always adds value to it. In the event that your bathroom needs to be updated, here are some suggestions from professionals like Houston Restoration Services.

Light matters

Skylights are literally windows in the roof. They allow you to bring a bit of blue sky into your home. At night they can display the majesty of the stars and the moon. Skylights can provide the interior of your home with the warmth and brightness of natural daylight. They enliven a house dramatically while cutting down the need for artificial light. They brighten up dark corners and let in lots of warmth. They can also provide much needed ventilation.

Smooth surfacing

Natural stone is a long-lasting material that lends organic beauty and luxury to your home. Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. This rock, which is formed as magma cools deep inside the earth, is often mined in areas such as Brazil, China, India, Finland, and Norway. Granite is an excellent choice for countertop material because it is extremely durable, making it a great investment during a bathroom or kitchen remodel.


Customized cabinets can often be a financial headache. If you are not careful, the cabinets can consume your entire kitchen’s budget. Pre-assembled cabinets can solve this issue as an entire kitchen’s cabinetry can often be installed for anywhere from $60 to $160 per linear foot. The savings can be substantial as custom cabinets often cost upwards of $250 per linear foot, according to Old House Online.

Water feature

One sink or two? This is the classic debate for couples renovating a sizable master bathroom. There are pros and cons to both. So what’s right for your bathroom? I spoke with architect Thayer Hopkins, who offered up what you need to consider about installing either a single or double sink during your master suite remodel.

Lighting and luxury

Light fixtures are a key element in the design of a room. “Think of decorative lighting as architectural jewelry. It can dress up or dress down the look,” lighting designer Randall Whitehead says. Consider style, shape, color, and size when choosing a light fixture as the perfect accessory.

Being on a budget doesn’t need to influence on style, these 7 decorating suggestions will have your bathroom appear very nice.
Having a few uncomplicated suggestions and tricks, your bathroom will likely be hunting a million dollars inside a flash.


Roll up

Rather than folding towels you now can try to rolling them and putting them on a big tray or in a box for a vacation feel.

Light the way

Group your candles with each other, either within a row or clustered together depending on your space.


There is no want to purchase large bouquets of flowers to make an impact. A single stem of the favourite bloom or even a branch with beautiful leaves placed inside a jar will look great.


Scented oils will hold the bathroom smelling divine and inviting. You can opt for calming or reinvigorating oils to suit your mood.


A fashionable laundry basket will hold towels off the floor and preserve factors hunting neat and tidy.


Hand wash comes in some beautiful packaging these days, look for refills to keep your favourite bottle topped up as an alternative to acquiring new jars every single time.


When putting your favourite/ most important artwork in the bathroom may possibly not be for you personally, hanging a very simple framed print (even of a postcard) adds a luxe touch.


ideas for bathroom ideasforbathroom


ideas for bathroom1 ideas_for_bathroom ideas-for-bathroom

When it comes about benchs I am pretty demanding but this is super ok. If you want to impress your friends or family members you can say them just: heyyy, come to see my bench. For Design And Unicity I Give Thumbs up:)

tree bench treebench

I found that it cost around 7000$-9000$ and in my opinion is too expensive. I mean ever my grandfather can made this in 2-3 days. He just need some wood for sure!

Do you think this is worth just for a trunk of wood and some bronze material?


Oh, isn’t that type of stones for sure.

In this article I will talk about pillows not rocks 😛


So what it is with these stones?

Well I really like living stones but not just for being confortable as well as a design piece. So let’s start with the beginning 🙂

Stéphanie Marin, a designer who takes inspiration from nature, molding, and forming soft types and uncomplicated lines inside a way that mimics those pretty forms we obtain in our environment.

The couple above are about to:

  • bounce around the soft surface in the Livingstones, pillows with all the shape and colors of rocks,
  • break six ribs, dislocate a hip, fracture a number of vertebrae and lose different teeth,
  • get some business enterprise time, or
  •  all the above.

Jump and bounce for extra pictures, which includes their whole catalog of indoor and outside models.

These “stones” may fool your guests at first, who will wonder how you ever rolled them into the residence and why they are not creating the floor collapse. Is your property missing something? Maybe you may need an unexpected element to shake factors up, a thing inspired by nature that is functional and sculptural. If that’s the case, look no further.

There are a few series of sculptural ottomans on the marketplace which can be accurate conversation pieces. The truth is, you can sit atop them even though you may have said conversation. They may be felted wool stones.

Let’s take a closer look… These really awesome stones will enliven your space having a metallic shine but don’t worry; they are produced of wool and wrapped in foil.


Prices are offered from smarindesign upon request.

The designers from Studio Italia Design and Tito Toso Design had made a great job. I mean this lamp is looking awesome!



If you wondering how you can adjust the place of lamp is very simple. You need just an matching magnet that is founded outside of the glass globe. This lamp is in brushed aluminum and chrome and is encased in a very clear crystal globe. I think is an very interesting concept, a lamp inside a bulb and I will command one for my parents.


What do you think?


I found these days a nice wheel that can be used for store shoes. With this you can store about 30 pairs of shoes and you need just to rotate and serve exactly what you want. I think this is very intuitive especially nowadays and he can save a lot of space. I like the concept of spinning, is very ingenously designed storage.

ShoeWheelShoe Wheel 2 Shoes-Wheel

As you can see in these photos is easy to use and adjustable to fit a variety of shoes. I checked this website and I found that wheel have tension control which is very nice. The price for this wheel is $69.00 without shipping. You can Buy It from Rakku Design.

Sincerely before I knowing that exist this type of product I stored my shoes something like this:)

Shoes Before Shoes Wheel

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